New In: Promarkers and a drawing pad


As I mentioned in an last week, I went to Plymouth a couple of weeks ago and bought a few (more like sixteen) Winsor & Newton markers – Promarkers, a Brushmarker and Metallicmarkers. I bought a Bristol Board drawing pad as well. I can honestly say that they are pretty amazing. The best purchases I’ve made in a long time.

Now, why did I buy these exact things? Well, I’ve been wanting to find good quality colors to bring more life to my drawings and I watched a Frannerd video where she recommended Winsor & Newton and the Bristol Paper. So I thought I’d give them a go. At this moment I’m not in the position to paint with my usual choice of oil on canvas, but I can still draw like normal. I normally draw with pencils and black ink pens though, so I’m not very experienced when it comes to using markers. But that’s about to change because I am really enjoying my new discovery of the Promarkers!


Since I obviously didn’t have the arm strenght to carry the money to buy all the markers in every color, I decided to focus on the Promarkers to begin with. So I ended up with:

9 Promarkers:


1 Brushmarker:


6 Metallicmarkers:


I only bought one Brushmarker to try out but will probably buy a few more, although the Promarkers are better in my opinion. They’re smaller and less flexible, but that makes them easier to control.

What are the positives? They blend very well, so the color becomes very solid and you don’t notice every stroke so easily. They simply look great on the paper and you know it’s decent quality. I haven’t really put them to the test on this, but they feel like they could last pretty long as well. The Metallicmarkers are great for extra effects on top of other colors. Negatives? I haven’t found one yet, but if I do I will let you know!

Bristol Board2

The Bristol Board is simply amazingly soft. It also holds the color very well so it doesn’t go through to the next page.

Bristol Board3

My conclusion is that it’s all worth a try and it’s not so overly expensive (unless you buy too many…). But if you’re more pro than me, please please please feel free to give me a hint on other better products to try!

Here’s a little sketch I did to test them out:



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