Being gay is not a western invention. It’s a human reality.


Today (6th August) Iceland is throwing their annual pride parade, Reykjavík Pride, to celebrate the LGBT community. In honor of the day I thought it’d be a nice idea to re-post a blog post that I wrote about 4 years ago and shared on my old blog. I’m not introducing any new ideas or information, it’s all things we already know but doesn’t hurt to be reminded of.

Brilliant! - A road in Iceland’s capital Reykjavik painted with a huge rainbow, ahead of the city’s Pride parade.:


If I’d ever find myself falling in love with another girl, I wouldn’t want to feel like I had to hide it and be ashamed of myself for it.

Would you want to be judged for who you are?

Gay rights are a part of what we call human rights. All humans have the right to be themselves, their own person – no matter their race, gender or sexual orientation. We don’t choose to be gay or straight. We can’t force love and we don’t choose who we fall in love with. That’s the way we are from the day we are born. Our upbringing has nothing to do with who we end up falling for. Anyone can be gay, no matter what their family’s like. Having homosexual parents doesn’t mean the child will grow up to be homosexual, just the same way heterosexual parents don’t always wind up having heterosexual children.

And who gave anyone the right to judge or treat someone differently for something they have no control over?

IT’S OFFICIAL: | This Is The Most Important Photo From The Chicago Pride Parade Look at the police officer on his left. He is smiling.:

“All parents should be aware that when they mock or curse gay people, they may be mocking or cursing their own child”

This brings me to another important matter. Gay people having babies. Should they be allowed to? Absolutely! If you think about it, it makes a lot of sense that they should if they want to. When a couple of the same sex wishes to have a baby it requires a lot of planning and patience and it will be expensive. This means a child that’s brought up by parents of the same sex is always deeply wanted and loved completely, right from the beginning. Some people say that it’s not natural. Well, many straight couples struggle to conceive a baby and do you tell them that they shouldn’t have children because nature doesn’t want them to? Of course you don’t. Because that’s not true.

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We are slowly but surely becoming better when it comes to LGBT rights. But there’s one thing most of us still tend to do, without realizing it at all. Have you heard of the term heterosexism? We always expect the people around us to be straight and that is often called heterosexism. Heterosexism is basically when the society automatically assumes a person is straight until they know any different. Homophobia is a part of this, but we can be heterosexist without being homophobic. We aren’t necessarily hating, judging or deliberately hurting a person’s feelings. We are simply making the person feel alone. They don’t have anyone to go to because they don’t expect anyone around them to understand what they’re going through. But the truth is that anyone we meet each day could just as well be gay as they could be straight. It’s understandable that we expect people to be straight when we first meet them because that’s the norm. W’re brought up with that mentality and that’s what we see all around us. But it’s harmful because it makes life for a large group of people much tougher than it needs to be. And that’s why this has to change.

Another part of heterosexism is thinking that being gay feels different. You may think it’s okay to ask a person questions like “what does it feel like to be with a person of the same sex?” or “how do you know that you’re not into the other sex?” Just imagine if people asked a straight person those questions. “How do you know you’re straight? Have you tried being with another girl/boy?” That would be a bit silly, wouldn’t it…

“Everyone has people in their lives that are gay, lesbian or transgender or bisexual. They may not want to admit it, but I guarantee they know somebody”

Watch an NYPD Officer Dance With a Gay Pride Parade Marcher | TIME:


Love is love. Love is beautiful. Love is something you should accept and celebrate when it happens to you. I know people who are homosexual and I never think about the fact that they are. It doesn’t mean I don’t care (I need to know this so I know whom to hook you up with!), it only means that it has no effect on how I feel about them. They’re just people I know, my friends. We should always care for each other and accept people as the individuals they are. We don’t always have to categorize everything and everyone. We don’t need to put a label on it. There’s nothing different about a relationship between a man and a woman or two men and two women. Not really. They all consist of love and attraction. That’s what matters.

I just wish to say congratulations, to ALL of the people out there who are brave enough to be themselves, follow their heart and love and care for the person next to them, for exactly whoever they may be.

To finish this off I’d like to encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with the different LGBTQIA terms. Do you know what it means to be asexual, pansexual or intersex? You might learn something new and learning is never a bad thing! 

This is so beautiful, its like a community of different people supporting each other, holding each other together.:

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7 thoughts on “Being gay is not a western invention. It’s a human reality.

  1. Silja Ros Wang, love should never be subjected to any legal definition. Gay people may be born that way and some people may be into that lifestyle solely by choice. Quite honestly, I do not know enough to draw an accurate conclusion one way or another. People can refuse to perform marriages for same sex couples on religious grounds. However, a law prohibiting gay marriage is not going to stop gay people from being gay. Don’t get me wrong. I am not dismissing the value of traditional marriage. Just expressing my thoughts that gay people should have as much right to marry as heterosexual people do. Now, if I had a son who was gay or a daughter who was a lesbian, I would tell them that they should be with whoever makes them happy. A person’s happiness should take precedence over their sexual orientation.


  2. No gay person is going to stop being gay because a law bans same sex marriage. Do I believe that gay people are born that way or that they choose to be gay? Honestly, I am not sure what to believe. Something I do know is that love should never be monopolized or subject to legal definition. Quite honestly, I think that the U.S. has bigger problems to worry about than same sex marriage.


  3. Silja Ros Wang, gay people should feel no need to justify to anybody why they are the way they are. Why should they? They are only different from the rest of us based on sexual orientation. However, like straight people, they love with their hearts. So aside from their sexual orientation, I see no differences between gay and heterosexual people otherwise. Personally, if I had a son or daughter who was straight, gay or lesbian, all I would tell them is that they should be with whoever makes them happy. Happiness matters more than sexual orientation. What are your thoughts?


  4. What is the gripe that homophobic people have about 2 people of the same sex wanting to marry? I find it to be absolutely absurd personally. Gay people can’t help the fact that they are gay, so why do some people judge them?


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