Christchurch, New Zealand

Has anyone been wondering where I’ve been hiding lately? Well, right now I‘m in New Zealand!

After a night in Norway with my dear mother, 30 hours of flying/waiting in Dubai and Singapore and then 2 lovely days in Sydney with my special someone, I finally arrived in Christchurch on January 12th. I spent my first 3 days there, just wandering around, taking pictures and drinking lovely NZ coffee.


In 2011, Christchurch was demolished by an earthquake and it‘s heart breaking to see. It will take years to rebuilt it completely, but the people there are doing a wonderful job at making it better again and it‘s still a really beautiful city. Wherever you go in the city centre you‘ll see artwork, massive sculptures and paintings that brighten the place up. New Regent Street is a very cute little street with cafes and shops to check out, the Botanical Gardens were lovely as well and the Canterbury Museum was also worth visiting (free entry). The tram will take you wherever you‘d like to go but the city isn‘t big, so it’s fairly easy to walk around too.

Here are some pictures from while I was there:


I spent my last day in Christchurch in the Botanical Garden. It was a nice warm and sunny day and I took a lot of pictures, which I’ve put in a separate post to show you soon.


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