Manifesting your goals


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

It’s so important to believe in your dreams. Because you can do virtually anything you want to do – if you believe it. But in order to truly start believing in our dreams and to keep believing, we sometimes need a little help, a bit of inspiration. And we need to tell ourselves that what we want is a reality.

I have a big black book, where I put anything that inspires me to work towards things I’d like to do or be. I also have an inspirational collage on my wall that I look at everyday.

And I have a bucket list. It includes both big important dreams as well as smaller less important ones, which are easier to achieve and can be a good encouragement along the way.

I encourage everyone to do this. It can also be  a box filled with nice things…whatever suits you.

I also love the idea of manifesting your own future. Writing down or imagining what you want as if it’s already your reality is such a wonderful idea. For some reason it helps if you don’t just hope something’s going to happen but actually know it and feel it. I’m in the process of reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler and at one point she mentions how she had a feeling she’d be on Saturday Night Lights. And she was right.

Writing things down can also help you get a clearer picture of what you want. Because sometimes you just know you want something, but you’re not sure exactly what it is or how to reach it.

Why do I think these tips work? Because once you’ve put your dreams on paper or said them out loud and made them visual, it’s much harder to just give up on them. It pushes you to keep going. Or at least it does for me.

So far I’ve managed to do everything I’ve wanted to do. I’ve gone from being a shy little girl, who can’t even sleep over at a friend’s house, to travelling to Australia all by myself. It’s not my only achievement but probably the biggest one yet.

How did I do it? I worked hard during summer holidays and saved almost all my money for 5 years, I read books and did a lot of self-empowerment practices. And I talked to everyone as if I was going to Australia before I even knew if it would happen. I had it on my bucket list, I put inspiring pictures in my black book and I imagined what it would be like to be there.

Setting time limits and making concrete plans is another method I know some people use. I haven’t personally done that, but it might work for you.

Making your dreams feel real doesn’t need to take a lot of effort. Small everyday reminders like these can help a lot:

20140706_112747 nr2
While I was at home after my first year in Australia, I knew I needed to go back and this time I wanted to find a job in Sydney. So I had this image on my desktop for months.
Harold(3) copy
I used to be a huge fan of Aussie soap Neighbours and my dream was to visit the Ramsay Street set and meet some of the actors. As a joke I made this picture and posted it on my Facebook and said I’d be there soon…
…a few months later I was on Ramsay Street! And I met a few actors!

To finish this off, I’d like to add one very important thing to remember: It’s okay to change your mind. What you choose to do now does not have to be what you do for the rest of your life. You change as you grow older, the people around you and your surroundings change and so do your dreams. So don’t be too stubborn to make a change. Don’t be stupid. Just be happy!


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