10 places I want to visit (future goals)

All my life I’ve wanted to travel and see as much of the world as possible. Since I started exploring the world on my own in 2013, I’ve only become more eager to do it. I didn’t realize how big the world is but now I keep finding new places I want to see!

Although I’ve got some very exciting adventures ahead in the beginning of 2016 – New Zealand, Indonesia and several other countries in Asia – I still can’t help but let my mind wander through pictures of other places I’d like to visit in the future. So I thought I’d make a list of my top 10 dream destinations.

Making a list of only 10 places is almost impossible, but here are 10 out of a million places I want to visit. I made it slightly easier for myself by not only choosing individual attractions but also whole countries, whole continents and parts of continents:

  1. New York

Coming from a farm in tiny Iceland, visiting big cities is quite exciting for me. I’ve already been to London, Paris, Sydney…it’s only logical that NYC would be next!

2. California

Just like New York, Los Angeles and San Fransisco are also high on my list of cities I must visit. I’d actually love to do a trip from one coast to the other in the States and explore everything in between, but only seeing these cities would also be really cool. I imagine they must feel like a different world to me.

3. Macchu Picchu (Peru)

South America is also high on my list. Especially to see this place, which I’ve seen so many pictures of. The hike up to this view would also be a great accomplishment.

4. Bolivian salt flats

This place in Bolivia also looks incredible! Another reason to travel in South America one day.

5. Greece

I love Greek food and Greek music. I’ve been to Crete and Kos and thought both Islands were lovely. The people were very friendly and the houses are colorful and pretty. I’d love to go back and explore this country a little more. Santorini fascinates me the most, with it’s white and blue houses and tiny streets.

6. India

When I travel I like to see places which are different from what I’m used to. I imagine and I’ve heard India is like that. It’s a huge country with lots of people and rich culture, nice food – and meditation.

7. Africa

I know this is a whole continent…but I couldn’t just pick one country! I’ve always wanted to go to Africa. My mother went there as a volunteer to help build a school in her younger years and I’ve always wanted to do a similar thing. But I’d also love to travel there for the wildlife and stunning landscapes.

8. This place in Finland

Finland is a nice country. Being Scandinavian myself it sort of feels like home and isn’t much different from what I’m used to. We also have dark winters and Northern lights. But a night in a glass igloo to watch the Northern lights? Yes please!

9. Tonga, Cook Islands and French Polynesia

Clear turquoise sea, white sandy beaches, nice warm weather…do I need to say more? I couldn’t pick just one. I want to see it all. Island hopping is on my bucket list…

11. Central Europe

I’m European and I’ve traveled a fair bit, but for some reason I haven’t seen too much of Europe…Central Europe (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Slovakia etc…) and The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy…I’ve got all these countries left to explore.

This is only a small part of what I’d love to see. But this would be a good beginning 😉

New Zealand and Southeast Asia used to be high up on my list. But since I’m going there in a matter of weeks I thought I’d skip them this time.


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