Sydney tip: Harry’s Cafe de Wheels

2015-11-05 17.09.43

If you come to Sydney – no matter if it’s to live or just a short visit – this place is a must. That’s what I was told anyway. Their legendary pies with mashed potato and peas are very nice and filling, but also pretty cheap! Apparently they’re best to eat after a few drinks…but they worked fine as a late lunch too.

2015-11-05 17.02.14

Harry’s Cafe de Wheels is locate in several places around the Sydney area – you can visit their homepage to find the one closest to you. We went to the one in Woolloomooloo which is only a short walk from our hostel.

If you don’t like pies they have a selection of other things as well. Like Cornish Pasties, which sure made one Cornish boy very happy.

2015-11-05 17.05.01

The pie was pretty yummy!


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