Everyday is an adventure

This past week has been very busy. Most days have been spent working hard and a few were spent enjoying the lovely spring weather. We went for a walk in the Botanic Garden, where we were surrounded by colorful flowers (will show you some pics very soon). I’ve also read up on some feminist stuff and am currently working on an article on feminism (soon to be published on the blog too!).

I’ve also made some big plans and I can now officially tell everyone that in just a few weeks I’ll be back home in Iceland. After 2 years in Australia, I’m finally spending Xmas at home with family and friends.

I won’t be staying there for long though. Only a week after New Year I’ll be heading back to the other side of the world, to start my new adventure in New Zealand, all by myself. Next on the agenda is Asia, with very good company. Nothing’s written in stone yet, but one thing is clear – I’m not done exploring this planet we call Earth.

But for now I’m most excited about home. As a backpacker, I haven’t had the luxury of a decent kitchen. That’s one of the things I miss the most (along with a nice bed bed, my own bedroom, clean private bathroom…internet). I miss having a fridge full of tasty things that aren’t pasta. I miss waking up early to prepare a nice breakfast for myself. Yes, I super miss my breakfast!





2 thoughts on “Everyday is an adventure

  1. Silja. I love your blog! You write beautifully (and in English!), from your heart and head. Great pictures. I’m looking forward to following you. XXX 😘 Mary
    PS. Who in the world would want to be perfect? Sooooo boring.


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