Where I’ve been hiding – Part 3

My second year in Australia is soon coming to an end. That has without a doubt been the better year and definitely one of the best years of my life – so far.

This year started in November 2014. I spent a few weeks living with a friend in Geelong, Victoria. I worked as a kitchen hand over Christmas, went to see the cricket and actually got to put shrimps on the barbie!

In January 2015 it was time to move on to the other side, Western Australia. I spent a couple of weeks in Perth.

Then I met up with a boy I liked very much and we began a 2 month camper van trip around all of Australia. We started with Western Australia, the Pinnacles, Monkey Mia, Valley of the Giants and Wave Rock, just to name a few places.

We eventually worked our way to South Australia, on Australia’s longest straight road. Once in SA, we started our drive up to Coober Pedy and Alice Springs.

Then it was time to head over to the East Coast.

The Daintree Rainforest.

We did the Whitsundays – and this time I had a camera.


Gold Coast.

Our lovely 2 month travels ended with a quick trip to Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road.

And now I’m in Sydney. My home is an 8 bed dorm in a cheap hostel. But I have a decent job and a lovely boy who makes my days brighter.


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